A.S.Helsingö is a company that offers customized IKEA kitchens, wardrobes and sideboards. They believe that everyone deserves the joy of beautiful, personal kitchens and homes for an affordable price tag.

The identity was done by Tony Eräpuro, but I had the chance to make some applications for them including window decals, “How to shop” video, web design improvements and the quite laborious and interesting pricing tool for the web.

A.S.Helsingö kitchens have three different door types, three tap types, three handle types and two sink types. The total number of different combinations became quite ample: 216. They also have a wardrobe collection that's relatively simple.

Sketches with measurements to help me draw the actual vectored images for the pricing tool.

Small, medium and L-shaped kitchens from an isometric angle.

Visualization of the amount of different pictures: there's all the options for small kitchen with Ingarö doors: 28 pictures.