Brand By

This small identity was done at my current workplace, Dog Design. Brand By is a barber shop that focuses mainly on ladies and I needed to create something stylish and simple with a tight schedule.


There were numerous versions of the logo, some more contemporary and some conventional. From the beginning we decided that there won't be an actual logomark but just a typographic logotype.

One might call it unadventurous or boring that we picked a logotype wich was “cut” (barber shop...) but the funny detail in it is that the cutting angle comes from the company's address that is Pikku-Roobertinkatu 12. I wanted to cut the characters with the multipliers of 12 only – eventually the angle is 24°.


The logotype typeface is an edited DIN Bold Alt so it was also a feasible typeface to use all over the identity: there's bold for titles, medium for captions and regular for body text. As DIN Alt is the main typeface for Brand By, I wanted to pair it with a monospaced typeface for contrast and variety. I compared many monospaced typefaces and ultimately chose Simplon Mono because it looks quite contemporary being a monospaced typeface and because I had just bought it from Swiss Typefaces.

For the fun of it I also executed the whole cropped capitalized typeface based on the logo. I named it imaginatively DIN BB.

Finished Products

Here are Brand By's finished products pictured. The design is really simplistic and plain but with the material choices I attempted to bring a bit of a special feeling to the identity.

Business cards (80 x 50 mm, beautifully almost the standard size) and gift certificates were pressed to 600 g paper and the face has a slightly shiny black foliage in it. The photos here do not really show any of the small but joyful details as it was crazy hard to try to photograph even the slightest shine of black foliage. That's again something to practice.