Flower Lore & Legend Calendar


The first calendar I made was wrapped around the theme of flowers and the magical stories about them. Visually the project was heavily illustrated with pen & ink and paired with classical typography.

I read Catherine M. Beals' wonderful book “Flower Lore and Legend” (1917) and based on those stories and tales illustrated and designed a 2016 calendar.

The calendar plan on two pages of my sketchbook.

Decisions: 12 x A3 sheets with ink and dot-style shading. I didn't have to think much about going out after studies or work for maybe two months.

It was interesting to pick a flower for each month and further on pick 8 to 12 little stories for each flower and try to illustrate the motif in one picture. I do not know if the readers had the same kind of fun but reversed: reading the stories and trying to combine the story with the illustration. Hopefully!

Just as a funny side note: I had drawn so many illustrations that I decided to make some by-products too: two different A1 posters and a set of 12 postcards.

The end product was a 25-paged A3 wall calendar with two paper types: thicker Scandia Ivory 240g for the illustration pages and thin ColorIt Flamingo Pink 120g for the story pages. I was quite satisfied with the paper choices because the pink paper gives the calendar some vibrancy in a classy way.