Loud Silents

Loud Silents is a festival that shows silent movies accompanied with live music. I did an identity for them that included a logo, print materials and a typeface for headlines.

My main idea for this project was to play with the opposites loud and silent. With that came the idea of maximum contrast and heavy usage of only black and white.

I wanted also to bring the musical aspect to the identity somehow. In my mind I connected all the aforementioned opposites to the thick and thin lines of staves.

In the briefing we did not discuss the need of a custom typeface but when thinking about the logo and the identity in the beginning I got this idea of a really stark, in-your-face typeface for the headlines that must be accompanied with something neutral and readable. 

An example of Loud Mono. At first sight it might look like an graphic element more than type or writing but one'll get the hang of it pretty soon. Loud Mono has super strong contrast between the lines, thin and thick.

At first I tried to use Loud Mono in the logo but soon found out that it would be too much if the logo and the relatively crazy headline typeface would be too similar. I continued with the idea of having a logomark but as we discussed the different ideas we settled on with the clean and partly “glitched” logotype in a rectangular box.

Final logo and few of my logo sketches with different ideas.

Some finished print materials: A2 poster, two A3 posters and a festival brochure.