Maailma on loppu


“Maailma on loppu” means Apocalypse is now in Finnish. As the previous year's calendar was so optimistic and sunlit I wanted to make something completely different for the year-to-date. I claim that theme-wise I succeeded: the calendar's subject is apocalypsis, or apocalypses to be correct.

I listed 157 past apocalypses, 9 upcoming apocalypses and 12 scientific upcoming apocalypses (maybe the only relevant part of my apocalypses list in the real world but I'll let the reader decide).

I wanted to incorporate the Doomsday Clock in my calendar somehow. I see friendly faces everywhere, so there it is: the Doomsday Clock Smiley. There's another small illustrative element in the calendar as well and that is the Atom Cross – just because quite an ample amount of the doomsday predictions and/or prophecies are affiliated with God or Christ or nuclear weapons.

Here is the final product pictured. It is quite organized, list-based, colourless and gloomy as the subject itself.