Pelago User Manuals

Assembly instructions

Pelago manufactures some of their own components. They wanted to accompany the components with clear assembly instructions  so the customers would be able to see what parts are included in the package, what tools they need to install those parts and most importantly, how to install these components to their bikes. I've made a total of six of these A4 one-pager assembly instructions and an Add-on list for their resellers.

Bicycle Assembly Instructions

At the end of 2017, Pelago contacted me in hopes of making something in the vein of their earlier component assembly instruction manuals but in a larger scale: assembly instructions for complete bicycles. Some customers buy their bicycles in separate parts straight from the manufacturer. A manual for the assembly might prove itself useful in these cases.

I made two slightly different instruction leaflets because there are two types of basic bicycles with different components. Size is A4 as in the component assembly instructions but the extent of bicycle instructions is 20 pages.