Uhka is a personal, ongoing typeface project that I continue whenever I have some luxurious spare time.

Actually the project started when I was doing the logo for Huuhka Creative Cooperative – I made a letter K that had a horizontal bar between the stem and the rest of the letter. From there came an idea to craft a typeface that at least has that kind of K in it and so I started Uhka. Uhka means threat in Finnish.

I quickly started drafting the first version of the typeface as I had four letters already done because of the logo (it was also logical to start off from the bold version because of the existing letters). The letter K is significantly wider than “normal K” and that gave me an idea to try wider, extended-like shapes in other letters too.

At the same time I was experimenting with some more condensed letters and I really could not decide between the two styles. Of course the best option would have been to make Uhka a massive type family with all styles from normal to condensed and extended and whatnot but as a person who has to work to eat the time aspect might be depressively prescriptive.

During the process I decided that Uhka should have both the condensed and extended type upper case letters and nothing in between. I wanted to include them both in one style so the user could play with the typeface easily cross-using them.

When I was satisfied enough with the upper case letter forms I started crafting medium and bold styles and also the lower case letters.

Uhka has a funny contrast for example in lower case a: the single story a is typeface default and is somehow childish and sincere-looking but when combined with the condensed upper case characters it achieves kind of a mischievous nature.

I've started sketching the Uhka Slab, a serifed version of Uhka Sans. The idea of Uhka Slab is to increase the feeling of Uhka Sans by using triangle-shaped serifs. I do not know yet if it is going to work in any way but let's give it a shot.